26th October 2020

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borzoiteeth on 26th Oct 2020

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No one wants the truth. True justice eradicates. [Rescue/DX]

This story was my first request! Everyone thank ThatOneSpriterfor hitting me in my weak spot- uchronia stories.

If you read on your phone, the Infinite Scroll View will likely make for a better reading experience.

Warning- If Zaffre was a rough read I recommend skipping this story.* Cancelled, macabre and abuse by authority warning. Please don't make me have to mod my comments and shut down guest comments. While I don't mind some off topic, make sure that you keep it in the constructive theme of worldbuilding in the PMD world.

If you want a fluid reading experience the last page should post at the end of December.

*Feel free to read my other comics if you can tolerate something without Pokémon.

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KAM on 26th Oct 2020

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Nice art. :-)

scorotro on 27th Oct 2020

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That alt-text is very intriguing.
Also that cliff looks neat, the monochrome palette is quite eerie.
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