3rd May 2021

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borzoiteeth on 3rd May 2021

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Renewed. You do not have to hold onto anything you remember.

So in my struggle to work with Story 11's style it helped me prep for this one. Rejoice non-PMD players, you are safe from needing any references for this one.

Reminder #1 to keep comments on subject. You are allowed to go off subject if its about PMD worldbuilding. Please respect other's headcanons.

Reminder #2 do not expect me to comment until near the end of the story to prevent me from spoiling things for those who do not like spoilers.

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The Alolan PokeNerd on 3rd May 2021

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Ooh! I like the somewhat messier brush style for the cover(and perhaps the whole story?) :0 IS DAT A SCORBUNNY?!

TheStratovarian on 3rd May 2021

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Ooooh! This promises a very interesting setup!

Looking forward to how this goes.

GreyCorsola on 3rd May 2021

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Oh I am excited for this one

Lynxflame1534 on 3rd May 2021

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I can’t wait to see this one

Mrjacob77 on 3rd May 2021

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I like that you can see the faint outline of their footprints in the path leading up. Don't know why it stood out to me but I like it!

CrowWingedAngel on 3rd May 2021

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Oh boy! I'm super excited for this one, it looks like it's gonna be so good...! I like the idea and where it is going....!
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