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posted by borzoiteeth on 24th Nov 2020

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Is the number to my favourite Pokémon! That fact always seems to suprise people, haha~
I honestly don’t know what to say about this. My defaut reaction is full of stuff I recognise now as imposter syndrome. I’m aware it’s a bad habit, but please, it’s wild to think so many people think this comic is worth reading. I've been reminded that not every reader has a Comic Fury account and thus likely hit that number a bit ago but aaaaaa I’m baffled to know there are enough people with a shared interest? Thank you so much..
I want to give a moment to highlight some lovely lovely fanart I've been given!
Here is Harmony by Woo!

And here is Modicum by Parakoopa!

(It's a YT vid and I have no idea how to embed a video on here. I'm sorry if it doesn't show up!)
Thank you all very much again for the subs, the comments and the occational shoutout that I see on r/mysterydungeon. Thank you. With that I will say I will make sure DEADLiNE will be completed before this year ends!


Accidental Hiatus RIP Me

posted by borzoiteeth on 5th Apr 2020

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My new drive (new as in a few months old) has a bad cmos. I'm not an in depth computer person, but ones who are, best as they could to explain to me (apologies if I phrase this wrongly, this rock magic is beyond me), The cmos is responsible for the "timing" of how a drive writes information. Since its "timing" is bad, this caused corruptions and files to vanish.

Vanished files were "recovered" but only in metadata. Metadata tells you what the file contained is suppose to be. At least, what it thinks is suppose to be there. Not that it can know if its still there or not (spoilers, most of the ones gone through thus far are empty of data).

I do do backups of my work, but I usually do it once a month. As a blissful idiot who built a new computer I forgot to do so (usually if there is a hardware problem its something that shows itself immediately). So while I still have older work, anything new I've made in the past few months appears to be gone. At least, for Anamnesis this is the case. I still have thousands of files to other work I need to scan through.

Please feel free to keep sending questions for the AMA if you like, just keep in mind that its going to be a bit before I can get to it properly.


Steadily Updating!

posted by borzoiteeth on 5th Dec 2019

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Thank you all who have subbed so far! I hope to get everything in order soon enough.
Do warn its been years since I've done any coding. If this place suddenly gets blindingly ugly you can blame me.